February 23, 2009

In memory of Avery Elizabeth Blum, we are collecting donations for the UNC Children's Hospital NICU. The NICU has wonderful comfort aids for the preemies that help them stay calm and comfortable. Two of the most important aids are Zakys and Z-Flo's. Unfortunately, they are in short supply. The NICU has 50 beds available and only a third of these wonderful creations to go around.  The Zaky company also runs a program that will match any donations made to hospitals.  So however many Zaky's we can donate, they will send double the amount!  If anyone would like to make a donation in Avery's name, you can send donations made out to Avery's Memorial Fund to 300 South Harding Drive Apt G Goldsboro, NC 27534. Thank you all for the support you provided to us during this difficult journey. We are all so blessed to have so many wonderful people involved and were grateful for the time we got to spend with Avery. God Bless!

If you want to check out these wonderful products yourself, here are the links to their websites:




  1. Anything for little Tinky.... my donation is on its way!

  2. in loving memory of avery blum
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